Stine Gry Kristensen Denmark

Stine GryKristensen is a Post.doc. at the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, which she joined in March 2009. She graduated in Biology from the University of Copenhagen in 2009 with a Master in cell and developmental biology, and obtained her PhD degree in June 2013. Her present work focuses on human follicle development and the regulatory mechanisms underlying early folliculogenesis. The Danish cryopreservation programme for ovarian tissue at LRB provides a unique opportunity to work with human ovarian tissue. In the first part of her PhD Stine has developed a method to isolate preantral human follicles from discarded medulla tissue, and this method enables her to study early follicular development and perform in vitro studies. Currently, Stine is developing a 3D culture system for preantral human follicles and investigating the effect of different gonadotropins and growth factors that possibly influence on follicle growth, survival and maturation in vitro. Stine is also course-coordinator of The Copenhagen Workshop on Cryopreservation of Ovarian Tissue and chair of ReproYoung (association of young researcher in ReproUnion).