Stephen Publicover UK

BSc (University of Liverpool) PhD (University of Liverpool) Biography I obtained my BSc and PhD at Liverpool. I have worked on ion channels and cell signalling (primarily Ca2+) in the physiology and pathology of a number of cell types. Initially this work was focussed on synaptic transmission, synaptic plasticity and Ca2+-mediated cell death in excitable cells. After moving to Birmingham, I worked on signalling in mammalian bone, particularly the putative glutamatergicsignalling network. My laboratory now concentrates on human sperm physiology and sperm-egg signalling. We are studying signalling events (primarily [Ca2+]isignalling and ion channel regulation) evoked by interaction of sperm with the oocyte-cumulus complex and the female tract. Teaching Areas of teaching include neurobiology and nervous systems (taught to all three undergraduate years), cellular physiology and reproductive biology. I have a background in zoology and also contribute to teaching on animal diversity.