Marta Shahbazi UK

Marta Shahbazi is an Associate Faculty Member who works with Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz to evaluate the literature relevant to their research interests. CURRENT POSITION: Postdoctoral scientist EDUCATION: Marta completed her BSs in Biology and MSs in Molecular Biomedicine at the University Autonoma of Madrid. She did her PhD at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) under the supervision of Dr Mirna Perez-Moreno, working on microtubule binding proteins that regulate cell-cell adhesion in the epidermis. RESEARCH PROJECT: Marta joined Magda's group in 2014 to work on tissue patterning in postimplantation mouse development. RESEARCH INTERESTS: The development of an embryo takes place through a series of cell fate decisions and morphogenetic movements. Cell lineage specification events progressively restrict cellular fates, from the pluripotent cells of the early embryo to the highly differentiated cell types found in the adult organism. On the other hand, collective cellular movements shape tissues and sculpt the future body. Alterations in these processes result in embryo lethality or congenital malformations. Despite great advances on understanding the genetic basis of cell fate decisions, how these genetic changes are coordinated at the tissue level to drive the morphogenesis of the embryo is still a mystery. My current research focuses on understanding how changes in tissue architecture are coordinated with a progressive restriction of development potential during early mouse and human embryo development.