Jacques Cohen USA

Jacques Cohen is an experienced embryologist and laboratory director. He is the Director of The Art Institute of Washington. Jacques Cohen is one of the founders of Reprogenetics, an independent PGD service based in the USA and director of Tyho-Galileo Research Laboratories – an organization that promotes and conducts human fertilization and preimplantation research. He is also the Scientific Director of IVF-Online. He was trained in the 1970s at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Holland as a Reproductive Scientist specialized in in vitro fertilization and cryobiology. He was an embryologist at Bourn Hall Clinic, the world’s first IVF clinic directed by Robert G. Edwards (Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2010) and moved to the USA in 1985. He has authored more than 200 publications and several textbooks. He has developed several techniques used in IVF laboratories. He is the senior editor of Reproductive Biomedicine Online and the North-American editor of Zygote. He was the founder of Alpha – Scientists in Reproductive Medicine and one of the founders of the Preimplantation Genetics Diagnosis International Society (PGDIS). He is associated with several laboratories involved in IVF and PGD both in Europe and the USA. His interests are embryonic viability, cryopreservation and developing tests and tools for IVF laboratories.