Ana Cobo Spain

Director of the Cryopreservation Laboratory Speciality: IVF Laboratory Embryologist IVI Clinic Valencia Training: Graduate in Bacteriology and Clinic Laboratory. Master's Degree in Biological Sciences, with honours in Biology of Reproduction from the University of Chile, 1994. Pre-doctoral position as an embryologist at IVI Valencia since 1995. Master's Degree in Human Reproduction from the University of Valencia, 2003. Care activity: IVF laboratory embryologist and Director of the Cryobiology and Cryopreservation Unit. Teaching activity: Head of the Continuous training on Cryopreservation of Oocytes and embryos Department at IVI-University of Valencia. Associate Professor at the Master's Degree in Human Reproduction at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. Awards and merits: Organiser of the 1st and 2nd CRYO International Conference. Member of the SEF, ESHRE, ASEBIR and Executive Member of the ALPHA Scientists in Reproductive Medicine. Research and scientific activity: Different research projects funded by the regional and state Government, over 47 presentations given at conferences, 4 books as a co-editor, 30 book chapters and 45 original articles in international journals with impact factor