Elisabetta BALDI Italy

Born in 1955 March 1979: Graduated in Biological Science in the University of Florence with 110/110 cum laude. 1979-1984: post-doctoral fellowship in the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of the University of Florence. April-May 1980: visiting scientist in the Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Imperial College of Science and Tachnology (London), directed by Dr. J. Hughes after winning a Wellcome Research Travel Grant for two months. During this visit she learns methods of biological assays. November 1981: win a grant from Italian National Research Council (CNR Rome) for three years. March-April 1982: visiting fellow in the Laboratory of preclinical Pharmacology of the National Institute of Health (Washington, USA) directed by Prof. E. Costa to learn HPLC techniques. November 1982: admitted to the post-graduate course in pharmacology at the University of Milan (Prof. F. Berti) November 1984: Specialized in Pharmacology at the University of Milan (70/70). 1984: The Grant from CNR is renewed. She become intern in the Laboratory of Endocrinology of the University of Florence directed by Prof. M. Serio. 1988-1990: two years research fellowship in the Laboratory of Nephrology directed by Prof. M. Dunn at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio). July 1990-2001: Researcher in the Andrology Unit of the University of Florence directed by prof. G. Forti. January 2002: win a position of Researcher in the University of Florence. May 2005 - Present : Associate Professor in Clinical Pathology (MED/05)